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oops i forgoddaboudit! HI Livies!

Things I have to report:

Neo Biddle-Byrne is the best littledog in the world! He puts our shoes in his bed and doesn't chew them. He put his toys in his bed and chooses to chewchewCHEW them! What a darlin. He's quite nutty, just like Garyann and us humans. Just lovely.

My next sibling up turned fifty recently.... MY TURN NEXT. oh.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO VERN FOR THE WEEK BEFORE LAST! bahaha. I'm a good wife. Vern made fantazzic steaks for dinner tonight, along with an absolutely fantazziker salad to boot. YUM!



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I'm very angry when I think about something that happened this afternoon:

Saturday 10 December 2011 around 5pm

Vern and I were driving home from visiting my mum, along Boundary Street, Chatswood. We were almost at the Pacific Highway. The traffic came to a halt and we were stopped at the end of Spearman Street, Chatswood.

As we started moving again, I looked up Spearman Street, to see two small toddlers, running gaily down the middle of the street, towards us on Boundary Street (a veritable highway). There were absolutely ZERO adults visible.

I shouted to Vern to take the next left and go around the block so that we could make sure they were ok. By the time we came around and down Spearman Street, the two little girls were now within 5 metres of the busy highway of Saturday afternoon Boundary Street. There is no describing the panic that I felt as I shouted for Vern to stop the car so I could run down to them (not wanting to drive too close in case it made them run towards the busy road).

I got out of the car and quickly (but non-scarily) walked up to the girls and put my arms out to beckon them closer. They stopped moving and looked at me and I said "do you know where your Mummy is?". Neither of them could talk,but they allowed me to take their hands and I guided them back up the street, constantly saying "where's Mummy?, Where's Mummy?" We'd made it about 100m back up the street when a women scooted across from the other side of Spearman Street and came walking quickly towards us. I started to smile with relief. One of the girls let go of my hand and ran towards her, whimpering a little. Next thing, the woman said 'WHAT ARE YOU DOING????" and at first I thought she was talking to the girls... but then she said it again and I realised she was talking to me! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she demanded, definitely trying to imply some kind of wrong-doing on my part.

I was flabbergasted. I pointed back down to the busy road and said "they were right down at the end of the road, right near the traffic. we saw them when we drove past and we drove around the block to check on them". She then looked across the street at a little red-haired girl who was no more than 5 years old and reprimanded her "Harriet!!!...." apparently she thought a 5 year old was responsible for her children!. So anyway, I then turned and walked back towards the car, with an indignant "YEAH THANKS" under my breath, for her complete lack of appreciation for what we had just done.

Vern, bless him opened up his car window and said "you know they were right down on the road, don't you????"

AAAARGH that stupid fucking woman made me so angry. If she was a mother, I fear for the survival of her toddlers. If she was a babysitter, I wish I had taken note of the address of the house, so I could mention the incident to their parents.

But of course, I have to just let it go. I won't forget though. Oh no. Her face and her stupid accusing (and then blamey) reaction are etched on my brain.

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Wow, I haven't updated here in a while eh? Vern and I had our 5th Kazzivernsary back on the 13th woohoo! We also call our anniversary "Noodle Night", quite funny this year, as the restaurant we went to for dinner charged us "Cockage".


Oh that Vern's a nice bloke.

kazzibee's placemats-from-tea-towels method or: "hey, eat off these, they're tops!"

Want to make some lovely placemats like these, from tea towels, or just from some fabric you've got lying around?... no single placemat the same!

Here's how!..

Find a groovy tea towel that has a vertical pattern that runs the length of the tea towel (ie. so that when you fold it in half, either half still looks good and can be read, if there is text).
Thoroughly wash and dry the tea towel, then iron it flat.
Cut some heavy weight fusible interfacing to almost the size of the tea towel, as close to the long edges as possible, but a little bit off the "end" edges.
Fuse the interfacing onto the tea towel.
Fold the tea towel in half, RIGHT sides together, and pin the sides where you would like to sew them. I also get a ruler out and draw perpendicular lines from the folded edge, so that I know it will be reasonably squared when I sew it.
Sew the sides together.
Snip the corners at the fold (without snipping right near or on the stitching), so that when you turn it out, it won't be bunchy in the corners.
Turn it out the right way and push out the corners with a finger, so that the corners re pushed all the way out to as pointed as possible.
Iron the NEARLY FINISHED placemat flat, making sure the side seams are pushed out and even as possible, to enable stitching around the edge.
Next bits can be a little tricky if you don't sew a lot. I do it at the ironing board so I can iron and pin simultaneously....
This is optional, but in order to make the placement as square as possible, some of them require some cutting at this point. I use a ruler to measure from the folded edge up to the open edge, to a point where you are happy to cut a straight line across. Mark this line all the way across, measuring each time from the folded edge, then cut the open edge along this line which after all your measuring should be parallel with the folded edge.
Fold in both sides of the open end, press flat and pin, making sure you are folding each end in to be even with the other. Pin in place.
FINALLY THE 2nd LAST STEP! starting on the pinned edge, sew around the outer edge of the placement, as close as you can in order to include both sides of the opening, removing the pins as you go. Continue stitching the same distance from the edge, all the way around the placement until you are back at the beginning (always do some reverses/forwards to finish stitching, to prevent unravelling).
LAST STEP! Sew another line of stitching inside the first line, at a distance that you like ( I usually do just under a centimetre). Once this is done... HURRAH! NEW PLACEMAT!


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The homefront has been weird without Garyann around! Some day we would like to add a little doggie to the family, but in the meantime, soon we will be minding this darlin.... he's called Napoleon and this is what he did when he came for a trial visit the other day...

He makes farts with his nose!... and he likes to make you chase him with the ball but he doesn't want to give you the ball!


watch out it's another naive little kazzibee rant!

Someone referred to the tobacco companies as "the devil" in the argument about plain packaging for cigarettes... but the devil is selling a legal product!....... I actually think this plain packaging thing is a load of crap... how does it makes sense to further penalise tobacco companies that are legally allowed to operate anyway? Making their packaging plain isn't going to send them out of business.... it's just going to make it easier for 14 year olds to hide their smokes! I welcome explanations about how it will make a lick of difference. Please do NOT quote studies in which 14 year olds were asked if they would buy less smokes if the packs were plain. Duh.

The government could be spending money on research that it is instead spending on the plain packaging theory (a theory is what it is) and the legal costs that will ensue.

I just think all the people who usually buy the more negatively-perceived brands will be able to daydream that they are really smoking something "better" .... AND the ciggarette carry-case market (probably with branding) will boom. Surely the tobacco companies have every right to sue for compensation based on the fact that every other manufacturing business in Australia is allowed to use branding!

[Although, I'm not even convinced that the tobacco companies really even care either way anyway.... plain packaging will save them money on the production end! Perhaps it is a case of "thou dost protest too much" so they are covered whatever the financial effect ends up being... perhaps they are just being legally clever by protesting at this stage.]

Why not just remove the commercial supply of tobacco from the equation. - make people grow their own! Sure, there might be some deaths from incorrectly processed tobacco (I have no idea about this)...but..... six of one, eh?....

Has anyone considered that the cigarette taxes (therefore retail pack prices) will likely rise at the same time as the introduction of plain packaging? SO OF COURSE LESS TEENAGERS WILL BUY THEM. And then it will be passed off as a "success". Meanwhile, back at the oncology ward.....

Yeah, sure, "plain packaging really saved my ass" we'll hear people say.